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An Update on “Consistency, Consistency, Consistency”

Several months ago I wrote a post about the gap that is frequently present between my childrens’ ideal behaviors (whether it be obedience or simple daily routines) and reality. This gap (chasm? no, surely not that far) is often filled with parental inconsistency. In that post, which you can find here, I mentioned some resolutions… Continue reading An Update on “Consistency, Consistency, Consistency”

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Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

I’ve always admired – and aspired – to those families whose homes run orderly and efficiently; who have so established patterns and expectations that bedtime seems more a matter of the parents pushing “start” on a well-oiled machine than grabbing their lasso and herding the cantankerous cattle into their proper pens. Where dinner clean up… Continue reading Consistency, Consistency, Consistency