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“The Door in the Dragon’s Throat” Review

“In the arid and strife-torn Middle East, land of Bible adventures, wars, camels, and kings, in the tiny, secluded, and landlocked nation of Nepur, a nation known for its strange customs and ancient mysteries, pompous President Al-Dallam, Chief Magistrate and Bearer of the Royal Sceptre, sat and fidgeted at his huge marble desk in the… Continue reading “The Door in the Dragon’s Throat” Review

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Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

I’ve always admired – and aspired – to those families whose homes run orderly and efficiently; who have so established patterns and expectations that bedtime seems more a matter of the parents pushing “start” on a well-oiled machine than grabbing their lasso and herding the cantankerous cattle into their proper pens. Where dinner clean up… Continue reading Consistency, Consistency, Consistency