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“Almost Super” Review

“I woke up on the worst day of my entire life fully expecting it to be the best day of my entire life.”

So begins Almost Super by Marion Jensen (and it’s a pretty great first line). Last year, for Ivy’s birthday, we decided to make a series of “book boxes” as her gift. Much to my delight, Simon has requested the same type of gift for his upcoming birthday, and this will be one of the books we include. I can’t remember where I came across it, but it’s been sitting in my closet for months and I just recently pulled it out to preview it.

In brief, this is the story of a superhero family, the Bailey’s. For as long as any of them can remember, they have been battling a supervillian family, the Johnsons (at whose name they always raise and shake their fist!). As the book opens, brothers Rafter and Benny Bailey are about to receive their powers, which appear – strangely – on February 29th at 4:23 pm to anyone over the age of 12. At 13 and 12 respectively, Rafter and Benny are “super” excited.

Unfortunately, when the powers arrive they are somewhat…disappointing. Benny can turn his belly button from an innie to an outie and back again. Yep, you read that right. Innie. Outie. Rafter can strike matches on polyester. Others in the extended family seem similarly cursed as does Juanita Johnson, their classmate and sworn enemy.

Finding out why they received such powerless powers will take the brothers deep into the heart of the Bailey/Johnson rivalry and deep into the heart of the Johnson’s hidden base, as well. What they find will require the courage of a superhero…with powers or without.

This was a great book! Well written. Funny (I mean, seriously, I never would have thought of a belly button superpower). We’re not talking about a literary classic or anything, but overall I found this to be a winner and would easily recommend it. Enjoy!

Violence2Some superhero battles here – electric bolts, flame-throwing hands, etc. – but it’s all very, very tame. No blood. Not really even any injuries.
Sex/Romantic Themes1

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