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“A to Z Mysteries: April Fools’ Fiasco” Guest Review

This is another sly opportunity to get my kids to a) practice their writing and b) help add to my blog all while talking about something they love: reading! This guest post is from my son, 7 year old Simon. He did great!

“Why does it have to rain?” Josh asked as he and his friends left the playing fields.

So begins April Fools Fiasco by Ron Roy. This book is part of a series called A to Z Mysteries, and I found it at our library in Saint Bernard. I first heard about the series about two years ago. About six months later I found the “F” book at Half Price Books. Then I bought it, and when we got home I read it. I really liked it and we started buying more.

In brief, this book is about…. Mr. Paskey (the bookstore owner) played an April fools joke on Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose (three kids who like to solve mysteries). So Josh wanted to get him back. But then, the bookstore gets robbed! Will the kids be able to find the crook before it’s too late?

I loved this book because I like mysteries and it is exciting, mysterious, and fun! (I actually figured it out before the people in the book!)

NOTE: Simon did a great job on this! After writing his paragraph each day (we spread this over several school days) we would go through it and edit out punctuation and obvious grammar mistakes. It was a great exercise! Thanks Simon!

This is a series of books that the kids have really been into lately, both in book and audio format. Though I don’t think I’ve actually sat down and read through one, I have listened to several as we drive in the car and have enjoyed them. My impressions are that they are safe, simple, engaging mysteries that I’m happy to have them dive into (over and over and over, as is their habit!).

3 thoughts on ““A to Z Mysteries: April Fools’ Fiasco” Guest Review

  1. Great job Simon. I think that I would enjoy reading this book too! Wow to have gotten it for half price, pretty good deal.

  2. Hey Simon, you did a great job on this review. I want you to know that my 3rd graders LOVED reading this series when I was teaching. All the books in my classroom got read over and over again by everyone. You picked a popular series. I LOVE mysteries too! Well done!

  3. Great job, Simon! It sounds very interesting ! You amaze me Simon! Keep up the good work! Love YOU!

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