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“The Code Busters Club Case 1: The Secret of the Skeleton Key” Guest Review

My first guest post! Appropriately, it’s written by my 9 year old daughter who has turned into quite the reader. Here’s her take on a book she recently finished (with a few notes by me at the end).

“Dakota – Cody – Jones had just finished creating a puzzle for the Code Busters Club to decipher when she heard three quick taps on her upstairs bedroom window.”

So begins the story of The Code Busters Club Case 1 by Penny Warner. I got this book for a 9th birthday present from my parents. We did this thing called a book box where I got a book and presents that went with the book. I got the first box in October (my birthday month). Then I got a book in November (the same way as in October) but a different book and gifts. Then, in December, I got The Code Busters Club with a bunch of cool detective gear.

In brief, the story is about four kids (the members of the Code Busters Club) who are trying to figure out where an old man kept his will and bring it to him before his cousins get it. These cousins are bad guys. They wanted to kill the old man so they could have his will. Warning: You have to decode the chapter titles, a bunch of messages, and codes in the book.

Because one of my best friends and I are detectives, the book was perfect. If you’re thinking of getting this for your kid, I recommend ages 8 or 9 and up. The book took me a while to read because of the codes, but it was good, probably a 9 out of 10. If you like it, it’s a series so get more!

NOTE: Ivy and I worked on her review together, and I’m really glad she was interested in doing it (little does she know that she’s actually learning along the way! Ha ha ha – I laugh deviously!)

I didn’t actually read this one (so I can’t really do a “content notes”), but my wife did and gave her approval. From the bit I did glance through it, it seems like a great concept: scattered throughout the text are various codes, from morse to sign language to ciphers, and the reader has to figure them out along with the characters. No fear: there’s an answer guide at the back.

Thanks, Ivy!

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