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Spouses by the Letters

Kyna and I have a bit of a Scrooge mentality towards Valentines Day. We frequently joke that it’s just a “made up holiday,” created for the sole purpose of compelling people to spend lots of money on cards, flowers, expensive dinners, etc. I suppose we mean this tongue-in-cheek, but…only slightly. So we basically ignore that heart shaped day in February and go about our business.

Instead we treat every day as Valentines Day! Ok, not really. But we do try to keep the health and growth of our marriage as a top priority and are frequently discussing how we can do that all year long.

After nearly fifteen years of marriage, it gets tougher to be creative! Some of our old standby activities or fun challenges or romantic ideas have lost their *zing* and it becomes more difficult to find something truly unique to do either with or for each other.

I recently tried something, however, that I really enjoyed (I’m sure the idea is not original to me). Sometimes I get so used to being around Kyna (which, in on sense, is certainly a healthy sense of familiarity and comfort) that I forget how blessed I am to have her. I wanted to do something to remind myself of the very specific reasons she is so wonderful and, at the same time, remind her too.

I decided to come up with one adjective for every letter of the alphabet to highlight what about her means the most to me. I made some cool little cards using some free clipart (from here if you’re wondering) and added a little blurb to each of the adjectives explaining what I meant by them.

Then I printed them out on card stock, cut the first page out, and…presto! Last weekend, I started giving her one card each day. She seems to be appreciating it and, honestly, it was a really interesting activity to perform on my part. I came across this site that listed all (all?) the adjectives by letter and by the time I had combed through a bazillion descriptors, I had a really cool character sketch of my wife.

Anyway, just throwing it out there for anyone else feeling like “I-need-a-cool-idea-that-goes-beyond-falling-asleep-watching-a-movie-together-on-a-friday-night.” Let me know if you use it (and how it goes)!

2 thoughts on “Spouses by the Letters

  1. This is sooooo beautiful! You are a wonderful husband. Thank you, Ryan, for being such a great son-in-law, too.

  2. You’ve inspired me, Ryan! I’m going to follow through with your idea for my wife as well.

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