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Louis Sachar and My Son

My son really likes the Wayside School stories by Louis Sachar. Over Thanksgiving, he decided he wanted to write Sachar and ask him about writing a 4th book in the series. And…presto!

Note to future self: It’s pretty cool to send notes to your fans. It makes them happy. It engages them. It even gives you an opportunity to drum up excitement (and sales) for an upcoming book.

It’s a win all the way around!

Of course, I’m assuming that Louis (that’s what I call him) heard about my book and, you know, wanted to touch base with an up-and-coming:-) That goes without saying.

2 thoughts on “Louis Sachar and My Son

  1. So glad Simon got a response! Now, perhaps writing authors of the other books he loves might follow. Good exercise!

  2. Hi Simon! How exciting this is! I trust you will continue this practice of writing to your favorite authors! You do a great job of writing letters and maybe you will follow in your Dad’s footsteps and write a book or several books! I am so proud of you! Love you, G-grandma Jan

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