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I’m at the library! Well…at least my book is.

It’s true! You can now check out my book in the MidPointe Library System (north of Cincinnati). Which is pretty awesome! I’ve always loved libraries (Kyna and I had quite a few “dates” at a library while living in Zanesfield, OH because there was nothing else to do) and now I’m in one every day. As a book, I mean. Until someone checks me out.

It’s been a very cool experience publishing and selling my book over the last couple months. I’m on Amazon (with 2 five-star reviews!); have sold copies to lots of acquaintances, friends, and family; had a book signing party; and surpassed my modest goal in sales.

In fact, I’m nearly out of “local” copies. I think I have a few more if you are interested in getting one directly from me, or you can go on Amazon to get one that way. If you’ve already gotten my book and enjoyed it, thanks! I’d be delighted if you felt comfortable extending it’s reach beyond my circle to your’s by reviewing it on Amazon, telling science fiction fans you know about it, buying one as a gift, or otherwise spreading the word. And of course, if you live in West Chester, Middletown, etc. you can now check it out at the local library.

Which is pretty cool.

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